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Meet Kristen Ragus

Junior Agent, Dream Home Hero


Nice to Meet You

Kristen Ragus uses her superpowers of creativity, empathy, and determination to help clients find their perfect home. With her deep love for architecture and interior design, she can see the potential in every space and helps clients envision their dream lives there.


She has always loved looking at beautiful buildings and decorating spaces. One of her favorite things is driving down St. Charles Avenue and seeing all the old, grand houses. She knew she loved real estate when she saw how happy people get when they find their perfect home. Helping people make this big decision and creating a place where they can be happy is what she loves most.

Kristen grew up in New Orleans and moved a lot with her parents. They were always on the go, so she attended many different schools. Touring houses with her parents and imagining how she'd decorate them was always fun. These experiences made her love real estate.

This also helped to make Kristen such a curious person who loves to try new things. She has a background in music and graphic design. She's done painting, photography, sculpture, and drawing and is now learning to play the ukulele. She even started a business called "Cosmos Rocks," which taught her a lot about running a business.

Kristen was super excited to join Team Cool Murphy. She felt right at home with the fun and creative team members. Their awesome reputation and focus on making clients happy made her want to join. Kristen is excited to be a part of a crew of agents dedicated to continuously improving. She is super excited to contribute. 

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Why Work With Kristen

Working with Kristen means working with someone who agrees that the real estate industry can be needlessly messy and stressful. Which is why she values a straightforward approach rooted in clear communication.


Kristen aims to make every client experience simple, fun, and stress-free. It's important to her that her clients feel cared for.

What Success Looks Like to Kristen

For Kristen, success isn't just one big moment. It's all the little things that add up to a great day and an overall happy life.


She takes the same approach to accomplishing goals. It isn't about one big thing or any one transaction. It's about approaching one achievable goal at a time and helping others to do the same. She knows she's successful when she sees someone else she has helped truly satisfied with their results.


Who Kristen Celebrates Wins With

Kristen has a small, close-knit group of family and friends who are her biggest cheerleaders. They celebrate each other's successes and support each other through the good and hard times. Her family means the world to her.


Giving Back

Kristen loves animals and is passionate about helping them. She looks forward to giving back to this cause.

Her hidden superpower?:

Kristen is a secret foodie and highly connected in the world of restaurants, bars, and hospitality in New Orleans. Ask her where the hot spots are. 


Bottom Line. Working with Kristen means having a fun, stress-free real estate experience with someone who truly cares about finding the perfect home for you and is dedicated to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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