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Meet Brittany T Jasper

Agent, Creative Catalyst

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Nice to Meet You

Real estate runs in Brittany's veins. As a little girl, her eyes were open - and so was her mouth - asking questions about the people and processes that make a property run well.


Her father owned multiple investment properties. Her mother made property management look easy. Tagging along "felt like being a part of the team," and Brittany soaked it up. 


Brittany hails from Cleveland Heights, OH. A curious and creative soul, she graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts. 


"I've been in the creative arts for as long as I can remember. Dance, theater, and music were my life. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, who loved music and art. As a kid, I talked a lot (which still applies), so I asked a lot of questions, especially to and regarding the elders in my family. I wanted to know every bit of history they had to offer."


After Cleveland, Brittany spent 15 years in Chicago. She received a BA from Columbia College Chicago. Afterward, she became a full-fledged property manager and worked in theatre and film. She found a home in New Orleans in 2020. Her first investment property, which makes Brittany a triple threat; Realtor, Property Owner, and Landlord.

Why Work With Brittany

Working with Brittany means working with a vocal, creative and curious real estate entrepreneur who is insatiable in her search for understanding and appreciating the world around her.  


What she'd change about real estate:

"Traditionally, purchasing real estate is very stressful. Most people feel like they don't know what the hell they're doing. They find themselves asking, 'Who do I call to get prequalified? What is an underwriter? Who pays the agent?' I know because I felt that way too.


Real estate can and should be more inviting and informative. This is why I want my clients to know we're partners in this. I focus on client needs they may not have even thought about yet."



Who She Shares Success With:

Brittany's wife, Martineja, is her biggest cheerleader. She's also very close with her sister Tiffinee, her parents, and her grandparents.


"We go through everything together. The good, the bad, and the ugly... They have always created a safe space where I can be me."


Brittany's Goals:

Brittany loves real estate and wants to succeed as a realtor and property investor so she can further explore and contribute to the arts. 


"I love this city and all its rich history/culture. I hope I can be a part of the revitalization.


Also, I want to look back a few years from now and see this new wave of real estate, knowing we're the force behind it. Knowing that future homeowners are more informed and confident in this process."



Other hidden talents?

Brittany is a seasoned stage manager and drama teacher but would love to be in front of a camera with her own cable TV show in real estate and design.


"I'll know I've made it when I have an HGTV show!" 



Brittany Joined Team Cool Murphy Because... 

She values strong, creative women who are driven to change things for the better. 


"I'm excited to join such a colorful group. I can see that everyone has a genuine interest in helping. I love that all the ladies are so different yet knowledgeable. One thing I've learned from stage management is that when you have a melting pot of creative minds, you usually produce one hell of a show."

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