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Meet Jess Rocco

Agent, Visionary Artisan

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Nice to Meet You

Jess's Mantra? Failure is not an option. 

Jess hails from a long line of intelligent, ambitious entrepreneurs. Her mother worked in finance at Morgan Stanley. Her father a contractor who owns and runs a fire protection business. Her family? Loud, loving, Italian.

Jess is all those things. She's a bright, ambitious, bold, and kind entrepreneur. She was born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey and attributes these environments and her family values to giving her an impressive work ethic.


Her clients benefit from both her commitment to her work and her compassion.

Why Work With Jess

Jessica "Jess" Rocco got her license because she loves real estate, not the other way around. 

What she'd change about real estate:

Jess learned the ins and outs of purchasing property in New Orleans firsthand when she bought the double she lives in now.


Unfortunately, the purchase process also highlighted a lack of helpful, easily accessible information for first-time buyers/sellers and investment property seekers in New Orleans.

She decided she could be a part of the solution to that problem. 

What Changes She's Making:

Jess values helping her clients know and understand buying and selling a home prior to listing or making an offer. 

And it works. Jess's very first clients were at a disadvantage when she met them. Other real estate professionals made assumptions about the client's advanced age and took advantage! Jess stepped in.

At the close of the transaction, the buyer told her she was the first honest agent he'd met in the 20 years he'd been investing in real estate!



Whom She Shares Success With:

Jess celebrates her wins with her clients, her family, and her boyfriend, Roman. 


Jess's Values:

Jess is passionate about respecting others and gets especially fired up about equal rights for women. 

Jess is a woman who values having standards in business including the manner in which its conducted.


She believes that collaboration between agents often best benefits her clients. This is why she believes the future of real estate can be better for clients and agents alike. She aims to be a part of that change.

Other hidden talents?

Prior to real estate, Jess cut her teeth in the film industry. She's worked on some titles you may recognize, including Orange Is the New Black. 


Jess also owns and operates Snaggletooth Productions, a video, and photography production company. Her production capabilities come in handy when she has a listing to market. 



Jess Joined Team Cool Murphy Because... 

She felt welcome and supported upon meeting Elisa and Sara.


She found herself amongst a team of positive, supportive, and entrepreneurial women who also have high standards. And who challenge the status quo every day to provide a better level of service, resources, and education to their clients.

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