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Meet Chris Gerarve

Agent, Community Crusader


Nice to Meet You

For Chris, real estate is all about community. He attributes his strong family, tradition, and community values to growing up in Harahan amongst a large Italian family and a tight-knit group of friends and neighbors he calls 'framily.' Chris and his "framily" enjoyed spending Mardi Gras together at the same uptown corner each year (St Charles and Peniston) and tailgating at LSU Football games in Baton Rouge. 


"I am who I am today because of my community. I strongly feel that real estate is rooted in a strong sense of community, whether professional or personal." 


Thus, acareer helping people find their own version of home and community comes naturally to Chris. 


"Growing up in New Orleans, there aren't any two neighborhoods that are exactly the same. As a real estate agent, I help people explore everything inside and out! "


Family is the cornerstone of Chris's world, providing support, laughter, and motivation. Chris is driven to provide for them and to show his son Luca that anything is possible with determination and hard work. His dream of "arriving" includes not only professional recognition but also giving back to his community, particularly in rebuilding St. Bernard Parish, a place Chris feels is often underestimated and overlooked by the Greater Metro Area Population.


Chris's adventurous spirit extends beyond his career aspirations. A self-proclaimed movie, music, and video game nerd, he can't help but enjoy integrating pop culture into his daily interactions and his content, too. He also enjoys sharing his love for LSU, the Saints, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, and - what he describes as - a bittersweet relationship with professional baseball. Above all, Chris dreams of traveling the world with his wife and Luca, sharing with him the boundless wonders beyond their New Orleans home.

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Why Work With Chris

Working with Chris means feeling cared for. Chris's background in food service and hospitality has honed his customer service skills, making him a natural in meeting clients' needs and helping them achieve their goals.


Despite the challenges of starting his real estate career during the pandemic in December 2019, Chris's resilience, humor, and dedication have only strengthened his commitment to excellence and authenticity in his work.

Chris brings a profound experience, passion, and a community spirit to Cool Murphy Real Estate. For him, it's not just about finding houses but about building homes and communities. His best day on the job is when he gets to help a client turn their dreams into reality, making Chris a natural fit for the brokerage, and the feeling is mutual


Why Cool Murphy Real Estate? "Joining the Krewe at Cool Murphy, I was amazed by the level of support I received before I even joined the brokerage was beyond welcoming!


I felt an immediate sense of belonging. The team's support, camaraderie, and collective growth mindset resonated with me deeply."



His hidden superpower?:

Making people of all walks of life feel comfortable in stressful situations. You'll find zero judgment when you work together.


Chris's disarming charm and deep knowledge of the New Orleans area make everyone he works with feel immediately at ease. And they have fun too. When the going gets rough, Chris's background in comedy makes even the most serious situations light and easy. 



Bottom Line. When you work with Chris, you work with a fun, outgoing, family-oriented sports and media enthusiast who is as passionate about helping you reach your goals as he is about living each day to the fullest. His style is a testament to the power of connection, tradition, and the personal touch he brings to each client interaction. 

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