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Meet Sara Skjerli

The Neurodivergent Agent

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Nice to Meet You

The first time Sara saw someone walk into their new home and light up, she was hooked.


"The feeling of joy in these moments knowing this person or family now has their very own safe space to call home is magical."


Sara grew up in a small suburban town in Southern Connecticut with her Mom, Dad, little sister, and beagle. Her "FarFar" immigrated from Norway and became a carpenter. He built beautiful homes, including those she grew up in. But it took a little longer to understand the luxury of living in a family home.


"It really was not until I moved to New Orleans and started working with a rebuilding nonprofit that I really understood the privilege of having a place to call home. Knowing the safe, loving home, I come from was/is not the reality for so many of the people in my community made it clear I was destined to help folks to love where they live!"


Why Work With Sara

Working with Sara means working with a hands on,  organized real estate agent, who cares about her clients and cares about the community.


When you work with Sara you support a real estate professional who spends her free time assisting financially disadvantaged people discover pathways to home ownership.

What she'd change about real estate:

"The lack of innovation in the industry is maddening." A self-proclaimed systems and operations nerd, Sara says she enjoys "balancing the static past and progressive future." And her exploration of ideas, platforms, and other technologies routinely comes in handy for Team Cool Murphy and (in a quiet way) saves our clients stress, time, and energy too!



Who She Shares Success With:

Sara shares her real estate victories with clients, family, and friends. 


"I have found a fabulous group of humans to love and care about in New Orleans and am so blessed to have their support and motivation."


Sara's Goals:

Sara's near-term goal is to get herself a mint green Vespa to more easily meet clients in our city's crowded neighborhoods. She also looks forward to paying off her student loans.


But what gets Sara motivated is the desire to help people realize that they can, in fact, find financial stability and begin their journey to multi-generational wealth through real estate.  


Thus she aims to one-day offer healthy, fair, and happy affordable housing designed to help the tenant store up for a down payment and closing costs for their very own home. 



Other hidden talents?

Sara is trained in Krav Maga. She has taught ESL online to children and adults around the world. She has an MA in International Relations and Peacekeeping and was trained as a community mediator. She also holds a Master's Certificate in Neuroleadership. 


"I also am passionate about promoting healthy homes and conflict resolution and would be more involved in community mediation."



Sara Joined Team Cool Murphy Because... 

She values supportive, strategic leadership that invests back in it's people.


"Working with Elisa has been the biggest blessing and joy of my career thus far and easily the best decision I could have made. I am in constant awe of her ability to mitigate, manage, promote, design, and still make it look easy AND fun. She is a driven, motivated, and supportive leader, mentor, and friend, and I am so excited for our journey together!"

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