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Our Clients

We love our clients. But what we really love most is seeing them living their best lives. You see, at Cool Murphy Real Estate, we believe that a home is a tool that supports your lifestyle, and when we can get you in the right spot, everything else tends to fall into place. These are the stories of how we helped some of our favorite clients achieve just that. And we couldn't be happier for their success!



From Heartache to Healing: Unlocking The Story of a Bywater Treasure

In New Orleans' Bywater, a unique property tells a story of legacy and giving back. Dive into how the Cool Murphy team managed a succession property's estate sale, where the sale of a beloved home and its contents supported charity. This is more than a property transaction; it's a tale of community, generosity, and starting anew. Click to uncover the journey from loss to hope and how this special home found its new chapter.


The Hunt for the Unicorn: Darlene and JB’s Home-Buying Adventure

Discover Darlene and JB's heartwarming journey to find their dream home in New Orleans against the backdrop of a challenging 2023 market. 'New Orleans Narratives' unveils their quest for a unique 'unicorn' home, blending personal passions with strategic success.

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Window Seat with View


COMMING SOON: Bywater in the 'burbs

The story of selling the most interesting house in Lakeview.


COMMING SOON: It's a Family Affair

A mother and daughter create their dream home instead of waiting for one to hit the market. 

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