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The Hunt for the Unicorn: Darlene and JB’s Home-Buying Adventure

Updated: Mar 6

In New Orleans, a city known for its legends, Darlene and JB were on a unique quest. They weren’t just looking for any place to live; they were after something special, a “unicorn” home that could host their love for Batman, cosplay, and all things whimsical. Their challenge was compounded by the 2023 market, characterized by low inventory and high-interest rates, which significantly narrowed their budget and options.

We met dressed as Batman heroes and villains in The Krewe of Bat, JB's Chewbacchus sub-krewe. He was Batman, I was Harley Quinn, and my husband Matt the largest Robin anyone had ever seen. Fast forward a few month's later and JB and Darlene attended a home-buying seminar geared to help buyers navigate the tricky 2023 market.

They shared they were serious about searching not long thereafter and how their search led them through charming neighborhoods, where potential homes often needed more care than they could give. They also found themselves looking in less desirable areas, confirming that their ideal home was indeed a rare find in a market strained by low selection. "We're looking for a unicorn!" she shared.

I let her know that she did indeed deserve her unicorn and that finding them was our specialty. We checked out a handful of spots together, and then as if by magic, it appeared: a home that was just right, grazing in the perfect spot. It was everything they’d hoped for and more. With unicorns like this being so rare, especially in a year when the right place seemed harder to find than ever, we didn't hesitate. We arranged a visit during a broker's open house on a busy midweek afternoon. And it turned out we weren't the only ones who had identified this unicorn for what she was.

The situation quickly showed its complexity with multiple offers on the table, not due to high competition but because of the sheer attractiveness of the property in a market with such limited choices. Prepared and proactive, thanks to an early introduction to my VIP lender, Darlene, and JB were in a strong position. They were ready to move quickly, their financial preparation allowing them to confidently pursue their dream home.

We employed a few savvy strategies to ensure our offer stood out. It wasn’t just about the money; it was about demonstrating Darlene and JB's genuine connection to the home. Impressively, our approach not only succeeded but also managed to outperform an all-cash offer.

Once our offer was accepted, the journey to closing was unexpectedly smooth. The inspection, the condition of the roof, interactions with the other agent, and the appraisal—all went off without a hitch. This smooth progression was particularly remarkable given the tight market conditions, showcasing that with a strategic approach and a touch of luck, finding your dream home is still possible.

Darlene shared their experience in a public Google Review, saying, "Elisa's positivity and knowledge of the New Orleans market helped us decide to at least start looking. She knows New Orleans well and, being relatively new to the city, we found this really helpful."

Navigating through 2023’s challenging real estate landscape wasn’t just about house hunting; it was a testament to Darlene and JB's determination to find a space where their stories could come alive. Their success story is a beacon of hope for others facing similar market constraints, proving that your "unicorn" home is out there, waiting to be discovered.

As Darlene and JB settle into their new chapter, their adventure underscores the beauty of perseverance, strategic planning, and the magic of finding a place where you truly belong, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Welcome home, Darlene and JB. Here’s to the joy and adventures awaiting in your own corner of New Orleans, a perfect match for your dreams and aspirations.


Voted Neighborhood Favorite by Nextdoor, Team Cool Murphy is a top-producing, licensed real estate team based in New Orleans, brokered by Cool Murphy, LLC.

Celebrated for her next-level creative approach to real estate, Elisa Cool Murphy is an award-winning, top-performing real estate broker in New Orleans and the founder of Cool Murphy Real Estate.

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