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Cool Murphy Top Outdoor Spots in New Orleans: Spring 2024 Edition

Spring in New Orleans means longer days, warmer weather, and the perfect excuse to explore the great outdoors. The city is packed with unique spots, from rooftops with killer views to quiet, leafy courtyards and everything in between. We at Cool Murphy Real Estate have put together a list of our favorite places to enjoy the outdoors, created by our agents, who know the city inside and out.

Liberty Oaks home in Slidell, listed for sale by Cool Murphy Real Estate in 2024

Meet Team Cool Murphy

  • Darcie Braai: A true local from Algiers, Darcie knows all the best spots that give you a fresh look at New Orleans. She’s always ready to share her latest find with anyone willing to explore.

  • Chris Gerarve: Living in Chalmette and raising a family, Chris is all about finding places where you can relax with the kids or enjoy a bit of quiet time away from the hustle.

  • Jess Rocco: Having fallen for New Orleans during college, Jess is now a Mid-City resident who treasures the city’s vibe. She’s your go-to for places that mix fun and culture.

  • Sara Skjerli: From Connecticut to New Marigny, Sara’s found her spot in the city. She’s on a first-name basis with all the best outdoor spots, especially if they’re dog-friendly for her beagle, Ace.

  • Elisa Cool Murphy: Moving around as a military brat before settling in Marigny, Elisa has a knack for discovering those special spots in New Orleans that you won’t find in a guidebook.

Rooftop Capulet in Bywater

Rooftops to Revel In

Looking for a view? These rooftops have got you covered, each offering something a little different, whether it’s cocktails, views, or just a cool spot to hang out. New Orleans' rooftops offer unparalleled views of the city, making them perfect spots for enjoying the spring weather.

  • Tulane Medical Center Parking Garage Rooftop (Sara’s Pick): An unexpected find with a breathtaking view that's often overlooked. It’s a public space that gives you a new perspective on the city, perfect for those looking for a quiet place to take in the skyline.

  • Hot Tin (Jess’s and Chris’s Pick): Located atop the Pontchartrain Hotel, this spot is known for its craft cocktails and panoramic views of the city. Jess loves the ambiance and the unique drink selection, while Chris insists it has the best view on St. Charles Avenue.

  • New Orleans Athletic Club Rooftop (Elisa’s Pick): This hidden gem offers more than just a workout. The rooftop has an amazing view and is especially appealing for those looking to enjoy a private moment above the city.

  • Capulet (Darcie’s Pick): Over in Bywater, this rooftop on top of a cozy restaurant offers great river views and a laid-back vibe. It's less crowded than other spots, making it perfect for a quiet (weekday) evening out.

Place d'arms courtyard french quarter new orleans

Charming Courtyard Escapes

New Orleans’ courtyards are the city’s best-kept secrets, perfect for a peaceful break or a bit of shade on a sunny day.

The city's courtyards are serene escapes filled with beauty and history, offering a tranquil retreat from the bustling streets.

  • Peychaud's Secret Garden (Darcie’s Pick): A hidden courtyard that feels like stepping into another world. It’s quiet, beautiful, and feels incredibly private.

  • Bacchanal (Jess’s Pick): A unique combination of wine shop, backyard party, and live music venue, Bacchanal’s courtyard is a must-visit for its lively atmosphere, delicious food, and fairy lights that make every evening magical.

  • The Court of Two Sisters (Sara’s Pick): Known for its jazz brunch, this courtyard is rich in ambiance and history, offering a quintessential New Orleans dining experience in a picturesque setting.

  • Place'd Armes Hotel Courtyard (Chris’s Pick): A peaceful oasis in the French Quarter, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

  • Effervescence and MRB (Elisa’s Pick): This chic spot is known for its bubbles and bites, but its courtyard is a real star, offering an elegant setting that will have you floating on air. But when she's looking to be a little more down to earth, you'll find her at MRB's. The Oyster Special is crucial, and the burgers are out of this world.

painting of sunset at cabrini bridge in Bayou St John by Sean Clark
art by Sean Clark

Parks and Peaceful Places

The city's parks and quiet spots are where you can enjoy a bit of greenery, take a leisurely walk, or just sit and watch the world go by. From sprawling parks to quiet spots along the water, New Orleans is full of places to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

  • The Fly (Chris’s Pick): A favorite local spot behind Audubon Zoo, offering great views of the Mississippi River and a laid-back atmosphere for picnics, dog walks, or just watching the sunset.

  • Cabrini Bridge on Bayou St John (Jess’s Pick): A favorite spot for locals to catch sunsets, have impromptu gatherings, or just enjoy the peaceful flow of the bayou.

  • The Chloe (Darcie’s Pick): The outdoor garden here hosts a songwriter series that turns any visit into an intimate concert experience, perfect for music lovers.

  • Bayou by Moss and Dumaine (Sara’s Pick): A serene spot on the bayou that offers a peaceful escape and a picturesque setting for walks, runs, or just sitting and taking in the beauty of nature.

  • The Big Lake at City Park (Elisa’s Pick): Her morning haven for walking the dogs most days, the lake is home to so much beautiful plant and bird life. She'd be remiss, however, if she left out the Lakefront, which she wishes she got to more often.

diners enjoying an evening dining al fresco at N7 in New Orleans Bywater

Hidden Gems in the Great Outdoors

And for those who love discovering something new, these hidden outdoor gems in New Orleans are just waiting to be explored. Discovering New Orleans means finding those special places that aren’t on every tourist map but are beloved by locals.

  • N7 (Jess’s Pick): A hidden French bistro in Bywater, known for its secluded outdoor dining area. It’s a romantic spot that feels like a secret, perfect for special occasions.

  • Old Battlefield in Chalmette (Chris’s Pick): The site of the Battle of New Orleans, this historic park offers walking paths, monuments, and a quiet space to reflect and recharge.

  • The Little House (Darcie’s Pick): A cozy bottle shop and snack bar with a big heart. It’s a community hub that feels like hanging out in a friend’s backyard.

  • Swing in the Oaks (Sara’s Pick): An event by the Louisiana Philharmonic that brings music to the outdoors. It’s a celebration of community and culture under the open sky.

  • Piety Wharf at Crescent Park (Elisa’s Pick): Offering some of the most impressive views of the river and skyline, this spot in Crescent Park is perfect for watching ships navigate the river bend. Most people who stroll along the river here don't know or don't make the time to step out onto the wharf, and they're missing out!

Secret Urban Garden For Sale

Looking to own and care for a remarkable outdoor hidden gem in New Orleans? Our Urban Garden on Urqhardt is your perfect opportunity to do just that. 2358-64-66 URQUHART ST is 8,400 square feet of potential that - until recently - served as a garden, serving, educating, and connecting the local community. It hosted hands-on learning opportunities and brought the community together over gorgeous local produce. It is in search of a new steward. If you think that could be you, or know someone ideal, please explore and share the listing below.

We hope by now you can tell that this list isn’t just about places; it’s about experiences. New Orleans may be famous for its lively streets and deep history, but its outdoor spots are where the city really shines and the community comes together.

At Cool Murphy Real Estate, we’re here to help you find not just a house but to build a life in a city that knows how to live. We're all about the experience. Looking to love where you live? We can help.


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