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How To Help Your Kids Move - Tips From A Military Mom

Updated: Jun 19

Karen Cool isn't just a military spouse. She's got an advanced degree in Library Sciences, has been an educator for decades, and traveled the world extensively. These world travels included seven moves with two daughters in tow from the time they were infants to the time they had their driver's licenses.

Karen knows a thing or two about kids, moves, and maintaining your sanity while surviving both.

How can you make moving your kids the stuff of adventure instead of the stuff of nightmares? My military mom shares her wisdom acquired from more than seven moves with two kids in a video interview below.

If you're thinking of relocating but dragging your feet because of its impact on the kids, stop. We've got you. And, we've got them too.

Not only do we understand moving, but we understand that moving impacts the whole family.

Whether it's just you, you and a dog, or you and a van full of kids, Team Cool Murphy can help. We will get you from point A to point B while having some fun along the way.

Ask about resources we recommend for talking to kiddos about moving. Let us know you're bringing kids along for a meeting or showing so we can plan to include them and bring something fun for them too.


Elisa Cool Murphy (seen here with military mom, Karen Cool) is a military brat. Voted Neighborhood Favorite by Nextdoor, Team Cool Murphy is a top-producing, licensed real estate team based in New Orleans, brokered by Cool Murphy, LLC.

Celebrated for her next-level creative approach to real estate, Elisa Cool Murphy is an award-winning, top-performing agent in New Orleans and the founder and leader of Cool Murphy, LLC.

Contact Her -

Facebook: @homeinneworleans

IG: @coolmurphynola

YouTube: @coolmurphynola

phone: 504-321-3194

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