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The Little Cottage That Could

Once upon a time, right in the heart of a bustling, music-filled city, stood a cheerful little house known as "The Little Cottage That Could." This wasn’t just any house—it was painted in bright, welcoming colors and nestled among some of the city’s most beloved spots.

Nearby was Port of Call, famous for its juicy burgers and festive drinks. Just a stone’s throw away, you could hear the clinking of glasses and laughter from Buffa’s, where friends gathered to share music, meals, and stories. The soulful tunes of jazz spilled out from a not-so-distant Frenchmen Street every night, tempting its guests to venture three blocks to discover new talent. Warm biscuits and hair of the dog offered at the Ruby Slipper nearby a perfect remedy to a night spent dancing the night away.

"The Little Cottage That Could" was built in the 1800's and had many stories to tell. Its floors were crafted from ancient pine wood that creaked with memories, and its beams were salvaged from old ships that had sailed the seas. Behind the bar, a sparkling onyx backsplash added a touch of magic to the room.

Inside, there was a secret too—a cozy guest suite where visitors could stay, making the cottage perfect for hosting friends or even earning some extra money.

One of the best parts was the hidden treasure of two gated parking spots, tucked away in its pretty courtyard, a rare find in such a lively area.

"The Little Cottage that Could" was more than just a house; it was a place full of life, waiting for someone to fill it with laughter and love. It wanted to be noticed, to be loved for its bright walls and the history it held.

Are you the one it’s been hoping for? Are you ready to discover its charms and make joyful memories in this little house that could?

Luckily, "The Little Cottage That Could" had some very good friends who were a bit more extroverted, the team at Cool Murphy Real Estate who worked tirelessly to make sure her next steward knew that she existed.

"The Little Cottage That Could" is ready for a new beginning. Maybe it’s waiting just for you.


Voted Neighborhood Favorite by Nextdoor, Team Cool Murphy is a top-producing, licensed real estate team based in New Orleans, brokered by Cool Murphy, LLC.

Celebrated for her next-level creative approach to real estate, Elisa Cool Murphy is an award-winning, top-performing real estate broker in New Orleans and the founder of Cool Murphy Real Estate.

Contact Her -

Facebook: @homeinneworleans

IG: @coolmurphynola

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phone: 504-321-3194

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