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What's Your Jazz Fest Persona?

What Kind of Jazz Fest Goer Are You?

Jazz Fest, like New Orleans, is a whole vibe. It's an amazing sweltering pot of different types of music, art, food, and yes, people—and aren't people the best part? Every year, Jazz Fest brings out an array of characters. Each type of attendee adds their own flair to the fest. Let's dive into ten undeniable vibes you'll find amongst the people who frequent Jazz Fest. Maybe you'll spot yourself among them or find you're a mix of a few!


Homesteaders get up early and, if wagons were still allowed, would pack like they're about to venture down the Oregon Trail. They've been through this before and know it pays to come early and stay all day. They arrive at dawn to stake their claim, often quite literally with a flag, bringing enough gear to last a week—chairs, coolers, flags, blankets, hats, and hidden snacks and drinks. 

How to spot them? They'll be the ones in comfy chairs underneath the shade of an oak tree, soaking it all in.

Why know them? It's great to befriend a Homesteader, especially those who are generous enough to let you visit their camp, settle in, and stay a while.

Who's a Homesteader at Cool Murphy? None of us have graduated to this status yet, but it seems like the grass is greener on the homestead.


These wanderers don't have a plan. They let the wind, shade, and their senses guide them. Barely looking at the Cubes, they roam aimlessly, letting fate shape their day. They discover bands they've never heard of and stumble upon unexpected food and vendors. 

How to spot them? Their easy-breezy attitude, fanny pack, and comfy shoes.

Why know them? Nomads can show you how to enjoy the festival without a plan, making every moment a surprise.

Who's a homestead at Cool Murphy? Elisa is a proud Nomad; exploration is her core vibe. Kristen, Darcie, and Jess are also known to roam.


Planners study the Cubes long before the fest begins, knowing exactly which days, what time, and why they're going. They have a rationale behind every decision—after all, time is money, and these tickets aren't cheap.

How to spot them? You'll hear them declare which stage they need to be at, at what time, and for whom. They may have the cubes out and circled.

Why know them? If you're less rigid, hanging out with a Planner means they do all the work, so you don't have to.

Who's a Planner at Cool Murphy? While we love a good strategy at Cool Murphy, no one on board applies strict itineraries to their free time. Listing and closing timelines are the cubes we're studying.


The total opposite of the Planner, you'll recognize these folks by their style-over-comfort choices, often heard saying, "You said this would be just like Coachella!" in dismay. These rookies didn't plan well, aren't prepared to explore, and are definitely not Homesteaders—they might just be at the wrong festival. 

How to spot them? They'll be dressed like they're ready for the beach, club, or catwalk.

Why know them? They add a touch of humor and chaos, making for memorable festival stories.

Who's a Confused at Cool Murphy? Sara confesses she fits the bill. She uses up her planning skills working our operations. This is why she can be found sharing the company of Homesteaders and Planners.


Short for friends and family, Fam often don't pay for a ticket; they're with the band. Having likely never paid for a ticket is a point of pride for them. 

How to spot them? They'll be sitting in the wings.

Why know them? They move through the fest with ease and might pull you along for some behind-the-scenes action.

Who's Fam at Cool Murphy?  No one... yet.

Jazz Dads

Whether they're with Homesteaders, gone rogue, or a reformed Planner, Jazz Dads are here to party. With their Hawaiian shirts, suncrisped skin, straw hats, and an unstoppable vibe, they're ready for anything. 

How to spot them? Double take? Did the ghost of Jimmy Buffet just make a Jazz Fest cameo? Perhaps. Or you may have just spotted a Jazz Dad.

Why know them? They're the life of the party and know how to make the most out of Jazz Fest.

Who's a Jazz Dad at Cool Murphy?  Chris is a proud Jazz Dad, and Jess is one in training.


Headliners care only about the big acts, planning their entire day around the last two shows. They bypass everything else and stake out in front of their favorite stages. 

How to spot them? Look for a mainstage, find someone there on purpose.

Why know them? They can help you navigate to the best spots for the major performances and share tactics for dealing with large crowds.

Who's a Headliner at Cool Murphy?  Brittany is a proud headliner.

Brass Passers

These holders of the coveted Brass Pass flaunt their ability to come and go as they please, enjoying perks that others can only dream of. 

How to spot them? Look the lanyards.

Why know them? They know how to use their pass to its fullest, making their festival experience smooth and enviable.

Who's a Brass Passer at Cool Murphy?  We all think about it each year.


Is there music at Jazz Fest? Sure, but Pac-Men are more focused on the food lines, grabbing all the top-notch eats from softshell crab po-boys to mango freezes. 

How to spot them? They'll be holding the plate with the ''holy Jazz Fest trinity'' also known as the combo.

Why know them? They know the best food stands and can tell you what's worth every penny and what's not.

Who's a Pac-Man at Cool Murphy?  Team foodies include Kristen, Brittany, and Chris.

Vendors and Volunteers

These are the incredible people who work tirelessly from check-in to check-out, whether they're directing traffic, staffing medical tents, or serving cold beverages.

How to spot them? They'll be hard at work making Jazz Fest look easy.

Why know them? They make the fest possible and often manage to enjoy some of it themselves. They're also a great source of stories and insider tips.

Who's a Vendor/Volunteer at Cool Murphy?  We're not worthy.

At Jazz Fest, we meet all kinds of people, and that's what we love about our work at Cool Murphy Real Estate too. Whether you are all about the festival or prefer leaving festivals for the rest of y'all, helping you find your place in New Orleans is what we do best. As realtors, getting to know what floats each client's boat is key to our success.

We believe a home isn’t an end game—it’s a tool for achieving your desired lifestyle. At Cool Murphy Real Estate, we take the time to understand what matters to every person as an individual. After all, otherwise, we're just wandering aimlessly through the sweltering pot that is New Orleans. And while that can offer fun moments of discovery, it's hardly the best way to identify and claim your next homestead in this great city.


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